Monday, May 14, 2007

Names, names, names...

Now see here you fellows, I'm looking for a name for my General.

Gn. Biggus Dickus comes to mind, but that's dreadfully immature....

Any suggestions?

You don't have to be serious, you know.

Oh, also, I need a name for the leader of my Gallic noble cavalry. Something ending in "-ix" might just be appropriate.


Poruchik said...

Too bad you aren't considering Imperial Romans what with the new Prince August molds.

as to names perhaps:

1-Scipio Europa-a man with flawed illusions of grandeur.

2-Germanicus Germaphobea-desires to conquer all of Germania although he's deathly afraid to go there.

3-Cletus Yokalus-a former dirt farmer with some major questions concerning his breeding.

4-Castigate Omnius-he just loves to torment everybody.

5-Nihlist Minimalli-in a word timid!


Byrhthelm said...

Well, some of the names from the "Asterix" series spring to mind:

Crismus Bonus
Ginan Tonicus

And as for the Gauls

Vital Statistix
Cacophonix (the bard)

etc, etc