Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Elite Miniatures Republican Romans

Not a bad little range this.

I ordered and received samples from the range and my first impressions were “very nice”. They figures have the characteristic “Elite” look to them, are well-sculpted and cast and, well, Nathan from Elite Australia is always a pleasure to deal with.

The range is limited. For example, the only Triarius figure is kneeling “at the ready”. Nonetheless, there are two figures that can be used to represent hastate or principes in mail, while there is another hastatus/principes depicted wearing the pectoral/breastplate who could be enrolled to add some more variety.

See also the useful Penal Legionary figure who could be used as either a Velite variant or as an unarmoured hastate/principes. I wonder also if he might not be used as a Marine.

All figures are supplied with head variants which serve to break things up somewhat, also.

There are useful mounted Consul and Cavalry figures (one of each), but you might want to consider buying in cavalry reinforcements from Ist Corps or a similar supplier. Considering the lineage of Elite miniatures, perhaps the old Hinchcliffe range might also provide as well.

The Elite Celt range includes useful figures for Roman Allies or Enemies – I have some of their armoured cavalry on order and expect to take delivery in a day or two.

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